Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have an interview at Hollister?

I have an open interview at Hollister on Tuesday. This is my favorite store ever and I love it. I'm a 17 year old guy, just throwing that out there. I have the surfer wavy hair, I'm going spray tanning Monday, and I'm about 5'10. I'm only 177 lbs although I'm still on the diet and planning to lose more weight. I'm kinda nervous because I have never been to an interview before. Also, my teeth are super white, but I have like two vampire type teeth outside of my 4 front teeth. I'm wondering if that will affect if I get the job. I'm very outgoing and can talk to people and confront a conversation easily. I'm just nervous. Any body know what they will be asking? I need some tips. Any help?

Answer on I have an interview at Hollister?

Hey, I worked for Hollister, two summers ago when I was, 19. I loved it it is such a fun place to work.
I didn't have an interview, I was just shopping and a girl asked me if i was interested in a job. I LOVE the store too so i was like 'You mean I get paid to be in here! and get DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!'.

But seriously DON'T WORRY i've seen the interviews they are really laid back. I know it's wrong but they only, really employ people who look good in the clothes, it's kinda mean :(

1.) Just make sure you wear their clothes, try to still look different though e.g put your own twist on it or something, you don't have to though.

2.) Be really confident and happy and up-beat and chatty BUT not too chatty, that can get annoying.

3.) Just look good but not to DONE. Be naturally cute/hot if you can and try not to over do the fake tan. Hollister like their staff to look healthy and natural.

I'm sure you will be GREAT! and have fun with it that's the most important thing. They want people who LOVE the store and LOVE the clothes :)

OH! and they WILL ask 'So why do you want to work here?' or 'Why should you get the job?'

Say 'Honestly I just love the store and want to get that accross to other people.' Don't make up some faffy answer like 'well i'm just such a good ppl person and can sell well'
Just say you LOVE the stor and want others to love it too!!!!!!!!!!