Monday, February 6, 2012

Im starving myself, please readdddd?

if i starve myself for a little just to lose some weight.
then eat some food little by little so i dont gain the weight back rapidly...
will that help me still stay thinnnn?
this is normally my sched. for food.
BREAKFAST: special k with a banana
LUNCH: granola bar, banana and a 80cal yogurt
DINNER: special k with a banana
im a 12year old girl, 5'2 95lbs

Answer on Im starving myself, please readdddd?

Well, eating this little isn't a good idea in the first place. Your a growing girl, especially at 12, this is the period where you grow the most so if you do not eat enough nutrients now, you might stunt your growth. Another point is you should NOT be on a diet! for your height you should be around 110lbs ( 7stone 12lbs) so you are skinny for your height. your breakfast sounds good, and with your lunch add a sandwiche. but dinner, please eat some meat with some veg and potatoes. you need it, its very important