Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girl asking me for money?

There's some girl that I met on a dating site asking me if I can give her $550 so she can fly back to the states from a hospital in Malaysia because her mom is supposedly sick. She said she would pay me back and that she loves me and stuff but I only known her for like a week. The day before that she said that someone robbed her for $2500 and took all her stuff and wanted me to pay but I said no. When I asked her how she paid the bill for her mom surgery she said someone gave it to her. She send me some pics but they could be pics of someone else. She said she doesn't have a Myspace or Facebook and no phone. I'm starting to believe that she is a scam artist because I met her on a dating site but I need someone else's opinion and I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends. She also told me that her dad left her a lot of money when he passed but she can only get it once she gets married. And she keeps mentioning that she wants to marry me. Maybe she only wants the money. My heart says yes but my minds telling me no. What do you think? How can I find out if she's telling the truth?

Answer on Girl asking me for money?

It's a SCAM

ANYONE you meet online who asks you for money for ANY reason is ALWAYS a scam. There are NO exceptions to this rule

Apparently an estimated 80% of profiles on dating sites now belong to scammers

Is she supposedly American? Want to prove it's a scam. Tell her you spoke to the US Embassy and she just needs to go in and they will give her an emergency loan to return home and also help her contact Victims Aid to get her money back. Just tell her to go to the Embassy and ask for American Citizens Services - you've already given them her details so they will be expecting her.

Think about it - who travels with $2500 in cash? Nobody. If she were for real she would not have been walking around Malaysia with $2500 on her. She would either use and ATM to withdraw money as needed, or have travelers checks which you can get replaced the same day after you file a police report. So right there you know it's a scam

And also, if you travelled overseas because your mother was sick, flirting with someone on a dating site would be the last thing on your mind. And find me one 25 year old who doesn't have a single friend, family member, work colleague, etc