Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who agrees????????????????

Ya know how Brittany spears made a lot of mistakes and a lot of her fans turned on her or vanessa H. took that dirty picture and sent it to drake bell and also Miley cyrus who took the bad pics.

well a bunch of people say oh i hate Brittany spears now she made this or that mistake
well everyone makes mistakes like miley or vanessa people post dirty pics of them self online all the time it is just that they aren't famous so people don't start hateing on them and saying i don't like them or all that crap.
my friend elle said "i don't like vanessa h. because she took that picture" well any other randome person could have taken the same picture of themself and put it online and people wouldn't even care.

well the point is that everyone makes mistakes and should be given a 2nd chance. well at least they apoligized 4 it.

who agrees with my point?

Answer on Who agrees????????????????

I agree with you on second chances nut uhm Vanessa Hudgens did not send dirty pics to Drake Bell. It kind of sucks to be on t he camara because a random person can take their clothes of but no one cares or makes such a big deal about it, but if its Vanessa or Miley or Britney they make the biggest deal they can possibly make!