Thursday, December 8, 2011

Losing Weight Over Summer (Particularly Thighs) HELP!?

I know I'm not fat (I'm 5'7'' and 118 lbs), but thighs are really huge and jiggly. I want to have pretty thin/lean thighs before school (8th grade) starts up again. I'm also a type 1 diabetic, so no starving myself techniques please and thank you. What exercises would be good to lose thigh fat (mostly inner thigh fat) and tone them? Also, a good diet plan? My parents exercise we have this Gazelle machine and a bike thing. I have a nice neighborhood to run and walk my dog around, and also belong to a pool. So, any suggestions?? I have like almost 3 starts around August 31st and its now the 17th of June.

Thanks sooo much!!


Answer on Losing Weight Over Summer (Particularly Thighs) HELP!?

Why not just do some walking every day, giving up on all drinks but water
and sticking to vegetables, salad and some fruits?
Also eat raw stuff like celery, cucumbers, carrots etc. it is as simple as this.
For an easy diet that's easy to follow you might want to see: