Thursday, September 1, 2011

How am i supposed to eat 1500 calories?

Ive been trying to lose weigt for the past month, but ive gotten so frustrated, i binge and gained a few pounds. I ate 800-1000 calories with some exercise but no weight loss so im going to try upping my calories, my BMR is 1700 plus activity i do which makes it 2000, They say to lose weight subtract 500 calories, which makes my weight loss calories 1500.
Ive been so used to eating 1000 and under calories for so long i have no idea how im going to get 1500 calories in a day.
Should i eat when im a teeny bit hungry but not completely hungry? Isnt that considered mindless eating though?
Should i pick higher calorie foods? Ive been eating more peanut butter to up my calories, but im just so sick of eating nuts and seeds and that still doesnt get me to 1500 calories..

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Answer on How am i supposed to eat 1500 calories?

Starving yourself will work short term, but it's ultimately a counter-productive strategy. Your body will begin to conserve energy during times of famine (your self-created calorie restrictive diet/famine) and you'll find yourself in what we like to call 'storage mode.'

To get your body in 'burn mode' you'll need to eat smaller meals more frequently. We suggest eating six times every day. If your goal weight is 140lbs, get 140 grams of protein every day. Divide it up into 6 portions and that's your target for each meal. You won't get 23 grams of protein at every meal, but use that number as a guide. A good in between meal snack would need to be at least 15 grams of protein and a meal might be 30 grams of protein. You need carbohydrates too, and a little bit of fat is needed as well! Keep your carbohydrate grams close to balanced with your protein grams throughout the day and you'll do well. Eat lots of fresh veggies and remember that fruit counts as a carbohydrate, so don't over-do!

Make sure you're doing resistance training exercises to build muscle strength in addition to the cardio you're probably already doing. Good Luck! I hope you are successful!