Saturday, July 16, 2011

If I go to the gym for 1 hour a day 3 times a week for the next 9 weeks, how much weight would I loose?

My goal is to loose 9 kilos (20 lb approx)

Do you think in 9 weeks of diet + exercise I'll come close to it or even exceed 20 lb?

I'm 15 years old, I'm 5'7" and I weigh 150lb btw.

Answer on If I go to the gym for 1 hour a day 3 times a week for the next 9 weeks, how much weight would I loose?

Its impossible to say. There are too many variables.
What exercises are you doing?
How hard are you working out?
What are you eating?
And the simple fact that every person is different........>


okay well im at my friends house and they started doing alcohol. First they did 2 and a half of some 60% rum and than they got a little tipsey than about 2 hours later they decided to do more and they all did 2 shot of vodka and 1 shot of rum and than started sharing it from the bottle just taking small sips at a time ect. Now they have gone off to the park to meet up with some boys and they brought a 6 pack of beer. (theres five of them) They are all aged 14-15 and are all small and skinny. They havnt gotten drunk before so im worried they have done way too much and will get hurt. Im too scared to go with them because it will probably kick in soon. They have been gone about half an hour. Is this too much ? how drunk will they probably get? should i be worried? or will they probably just be tipsey and be fine? please dont laugh i dont know much about this sorta stuff.


they'll be leaning over the toilet puking soon. When it comes to the point that they are sick, throwing up, make sure they have a trash can each by their bed and they are laying on their side. Give them ice water also, they will just throw it up, but it will help a little. Don't get scared because they will be throwing up until the middle of tomorrow and they're going to want to sleep and not leave their bed.
As soon as they start showing sign of being drunk make sure you have a garbage can. And if they try to lay down with out throwing up first, have a garbage can, because they will get the spins and that's the worst thing ever it immediately triggers throwing up.
And since tomorrow they will feel dizzy, and notious all day it will be difficult for them to even walk to the bathroom. Comfort them, if they are throwing up DON'T rub their back, it will wake them puke more.

Don't worry, this may be the first time, but your not going to have to worry about it again. At least for a while.

And mad props to you for not drinking !!!! :D
Keep it that way girl, trust me, being sober is much more fun !

How do I help myself become a more positive and inspirational person?!?

I'm very cynical and sarcastic and want to change. Some of my friends thinks I'm negative and bring them down. In a way, I am more mature than many of my friends and instead of an obsession with Justin Bieber it's politics. I complain when I think something can be changed but ppl don't see the brightness to that and just hear me complaining. I feel that if we ignore the wholes in the school system they will never be fixed.. It's gotten to the point that when people tell me I should be a lawyer I think to my self I can't go near law I'd end up being a cynical 40- year old lawyer getting upset when the wrong person walks or wtvr.. I have always been this way, when I was younger it was cute, now I'm a teen and it's to be expected that I'm sarcastic, but I don't want this to be me forever. I don't care about my friends so much, they come and go, however I know this is really about me and my journey. How can I better myself and be more positive?! .....I have hung inspiration quotes on my wall and have them emailed to me any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Answer on How do I help myself become a more positive and inspirational person?!?

You seem to be on your way to change already because you do want to change. Though, I don't really think that it's wrong to be who you are. I hope you accept yourself and love yourself. Other than that, try to control what you say to people and somehow try to control your thoughts. It might sound impossible, however it is possible.

As for me, it's also not easy to stay positive when there's so much of opposite going on... Nonetheless, I try to count my blessings whenever I feel down, try to watch and read news less (if possible); whenever someone around starts complaining, I try to ignore it somehow.

I also visit and all the other fun links they have there. It cheers me up. Oh, and my pets help to be somewhat more positive.

Never give up and good luck.