Thursday, June 30, 2011


ok im not a hater, hes talented to an extent

but overall to me, hes just another mainstream money rapper
i think he sounds and flows so much like wayne that i confuse them when my friends play thier songs
and that one teeni bop song that is on his new album (i cant remember the name but you know that is a retarded song) so why is he getting so many "o hes the best rapper out right now" i just dont get it there are so many underground rappers better than him

and one more thing, does drake make his own beats? cause someone was telling me he makes his own beats


He's talented to a very limited extent.
He's very lacking in some of the main aspects of rap. For instance, his multi-syllabic rhymes are crap. When you listen to him you can barely hear any its sad. Secondly his double entendres are sh*t. He has like one or two every now and then but they're weak and he has no triples. At all.

There are a few reasons why he's popular and none of those are because he's very skilled.
1. He sings and releases a lot of R&B crap which is the usual corny soft stuff.
2. Though he has very weak multis he tries to rhyme the end of his lines as best as possible. For some reason this translates as having a catchy sound.
3. People like his beats so they judge him on that because he's a mainstream artist and they don't look at his multis and doubles.

Most rappers make their own beats, its just the producers mess with them and decide how to put what they make together.
Of most rappers sample every now and then too or buy beats.