Friday, June 24, 2011

How to read a bartender?

So about a month ago or so a few friends of mine go to this local bar in the town. Right away I noticed the bartender is very attractive. My ideal type of girl. Anyway, there is not much interaction with us two between the time I am there until the last call. I remember my friend Rachel to my right spilling her drink and blaming it on me saying 'Way to go Ryan" jokingly of course. I then catch the bartender saying "Yeah Ryan way to''s your fault Ryan....all your fault Ryan." At the time I felt this was odd just because she was repeating my name so much, but I wrote it off. I took awhile off before I went back. I'd say about a month off. Anyway, the next time I went in I sat down and she takes my ID and jokingly tells me she can't serve me because it's not me in my picture. After about five minutes of her just messing with me she brings me my drink. An hour or two goes by and I begin to mingle with some friends I came with. My friend Krystle who I am with at the time gets up to go go the bathroom and the bartender proceeds to ask me if that is my girlfriend to which I say no, she's just my friend. Later on during the night I go to her to get another drink but I tell her no beer or shots because I am on a trict diet (which is true). She laughs and later comes back with some sort of bubble gum vodka drink and then later on with a "Rang tang'....tangerine vodka. She asks me why I eat healthy and I tell her well I bike 15 miles a day and I've lost a condiserable amount of weight doing so. We're now at the end of the night and she gives me my bill. I tip her well, but not overboard. So as I am walking out she hands me apples, oranges (because of my health kick I assume). I go in the week later she asks how those apples and oranges were. That night goes well. She continues to make more drinks for me and while a few other guys around me ask her to make something new for them she just walks away. My friends think she is flirting with me, but not just for tips, but because she is interested. I, however, kind of think its for tips. Does my story make anyone lean a certain way? Not to toot my own horn, but since my weight loss, I have gathered way way more attention from females.

Answer on How to read a bartender?

First off, congrats on your healthy new lifestyle.

Secondly, dude.... she's totally interested.

Anyone in the food and bev. business love tips, but the person serving you this that or the other is still just a person and if you get the impression that she may be interested in you than she more than likely is.

Here's my suggestion: Keep being casual around her, and keep letting her serve you. Continue tipping a worthy amount and simply get to know her. She obviously remembers you from visit to visit so even if she isnt interested in a romantic relationship at least you can make friends with her. Time will tell. Best of luck.