Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ski boots hire - as bad as everyone says?

I read some reviews about ski hire boots and it seems nobody had any good experiences:( It's my first skiing holiday in 2 weeks time and I decided against buying at the moment, I've been training once a week on a dry slope/indoor ski centres for the last half a year using hire boots and skis and they seemed ok, if a little dated..So my question really is-would that be true that ski hire shops gear is uncomfortable/old fashioned/very worn/smelly(!?)? . My size is 23.5 mondo, I believe quite a popular size, is there a chance the hire shop might run out of boots in this size? Resort we're going to is in Italy, Bormio. Thank you for any opinions.

Answer on Ski boots hire- as bad as everyone says?

The only problem I had with ski boot hire when learning, is that they were extremely uncomfortable and made my feet sore. It made the learning experience almost 100 times worse. However, they were the back loading kind, which made the easier to flip off when resting at a pit stop. They certainly smelled after I had used them for a week. I am not sure if they smelled too bad when I got them.

When you are learning, it is probably fine to have old smelly boots as you will not be using their full functionality while learning. You will spend most of the time walking up and down, and side slipping, rather than tearing down black runs putting a lot of pressure on the plastic.

Perhaps you could get a moulded foot bed before you go which you can insert into the hire boot! That might make them more comfortable...

You might find ski boot prices are fairly cheap in Italy, so have a look around when you are there.

Is there a way to improve graphics in a picture?

I use facebook and one day I see a profile picture of a friend of mine, and the graphics sucked (didn't actually tell her that but wanted to). Most of the pictures look fine but some not so good, would show a link to one but that is a violation of her privacy. and that got my thinking, is there a way to improve the graphics of a picture?

Answer on Is there a way to improve graphics in a picture?

Not without starting over with the original file and some expert application of the tools found in Photoshop or InDesign

Be careful, she might love how it looks.