Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tropical fish feeding questions?

I have a 37 gallon tank that is home to platies, swordtails, and silver-tip tetras. I have been experiencing problems with swim-bladder, so I'm looking for a change in diet. What types of food could I feed these guys, besides flaked food? Thanks.

Answer on Tropical fish feeding questions?

Swimming bladder could be caused by exceed amount of useless ingredient in low quality fish food.

To feed your fish high quality food, you need to go for high quality brands

Omega One…

New Life Spectrum…

These two brands use "Whole Fish" as their main ingredient instead of "fish meal" used by other brands. Fish meal is usually leftover parts of fish.

For the fish you have, I would recommend
Omega One Freshwater Flakes or Omega One Super Color Flakes


New Life Spectrum Small Fish formula

Only feed the amount they can eat in less than 2 minutes. Feed once a day or twice a day at most.

P.S. Fish is creature of habits. It might take time for them to adjust to accept new food.

How much better (calorie-wise) is the diet soda cake recipe?

So my friend just told me about the WW recipes where you take cake mix and just add a diet soda of some type and it makes a cake without needing oil or eggs.
Just wondering though, how many calories and grams of fat does this save?
I think someone said 1/12 of a cake made with diet soda would be 170 calories -so how many calories are in 1/12 of cake made normally?

Thanks in advance!

Answer on How much better (calorie-wise) is the diet soda cake recipe?

It depends on the cake mix, but looking at the betty crocker website for a cherry chip mix, the calories as prepared following the directions are 230 per serving (1/12 of a cake) and made with diet soda 160 calories.