Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is there a Zara shop in Ancona, Italy?

..and what other shops (not to expensive) can I find there? Thanks.

P.S. How far is Ikea from the port,by a car? Thanks.

Answer on Is there a Zara shop in Ancona,Italy?

60129 ANCONA
Tel: +39 0712076662

I am sure there will be a benetton there also.

Loss of appetite of Lexapro normal?

I've been on lexapro for a week (10 mg). I can still eat, but I find it hard for me to finish a meal now. I also get full a lot faster. I'm overweight, so do you think that it could be that I've stopped comfort eating? I was told that you were supposed to gain weight on lexapro. And do the dilated pupils go away?

Answer on Loss of appetite of Lexapro normal?

Everyones body works differently, I guess with you lexapro is helping you lose weight.

The dilated pupils will probably stay that way.