Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Should I go to Paris or Milan? ?

Ok, I'm an adventurous, young woman travelling alone...I want AMBIANCE!!! The men are sexy in both places, I've made sure of that. But I'm not sure which is the better choice. Would I enjoy myself more in Paris or in Italy? Which has a little more English speaking people? I will be there over a month. Where is a great place to stay??? AND....do I need to know the language much?

Answer on Should I go to Paris or Milan? ?

If you are going for a month, definitely Paris. You will run out of things to do and see in Milan after 4 days. You could live in Paris for a year like I did and still not do and see everything you wanted.

Obviously it's going to be better anywhere if you speak the language. I find more people in Paris now speak English than they do in Milan. In Italy you are really lost if you don't speak the language, unless you stick to touristy places. In Paris, so many young people go to the UK to work, so lots are now studying English. But if you speak French, you'll have a much better time.