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What are my chances of admission at the following schools? ?

What are my chances of admission at the following schools?
I am high school sophomore. I currently have a weighted 96 GPA (roughly a 4.0, according to Princeton Review), am enrolled, on average, in 2 or 3 Pre AP classes a year, have a great grasp (I wouldn't say fluent, but by the end of the end of high school I will be) in Spanish and French (as well as, of course, my native English), have won numerous Journalism awards, am involved in UIL Academic Team, Newspaper, Debate and Speech, FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students), Spanish Club, French Club (I'm on the French Club Social Committee), Student Council, and the Eco Club. I have been published in my city's newspaper as well as my school's and hold an internship with my suburb's local paper.
I volunteer at the local library, zoo (this summer alone I volunteered 118 hours), and history museums. My volunteer hours as of now are roughly 250-300.
Since I am not old enough to hold a real job, I also grade papers for a second grade teacher (I don't know what good this will do on my application, but...)
Next summer I am planning on spending 5 weeks at Georgetown University or SMU taking classes so I can get college credit (and a real look at college life), taking a required computer class with my school so I can open up more room for classes I want to take as a junior, such as Music History and Theory of Knowledge. Also, I will be taking Spanish, Latin, and French classes at a local university. I will be taking a tour with my parents of East Coast and Northeast colleges and univesities I'm interested in, interviewing, touring the campuses, etc. Lastly, I will be studying abroad, probably to Italy, the summer between my Junior and Senior years.
The schools I am interested in are (I organized them neatly)...
*The University of Texas at Austin
*The University of Arizona
*The University of Georgia
*Auburn University
*The University of Miami
*University of Virginia
*Dartmouth (my first choice)
*Brown University

Any tips, advice, criticisms, and thoughts you have are much appreciated.

Answer on What are my chances of admission at the following schools? ?

Looks good. Keep up the good work :) You should have no problem getting in to any of those schools. But you will probably get more scholarship from the State schools. Just ace your personal statement and you will be golden

Good luck