Sunday, April 10, 2011

How can I not eat chocolate at a chocolate themed party?

So I have to go to this party, it's my besties 16th and shes invited 7 of us round to eat chocolate basically. It will involve playing games that involve LOTS of choolate and i dont know how to avoid it
I cant not go, since its my besties 16th but I DO NOT WANT TO EAT CHOCOLATE
I dont wanna eat chocolate because I am on a diet right now and that would just blow it.

I cant tell them I am on a diet because my friends are the kind of people that go 'OMG ur on a diet u must be going ano' since they tink im not fat (trust me i think i am)

My plan for the games where the prizes are choc im just onna do really badly and not end up getting much but what abouteverythig else??
I dont like cake so i can avoid that, and i dont like white chocolate so i can avoid that too.

What should I do!!

If I end up eating too much Im just gonna end up coming home and puking it up because it will make me feel miserable (i purge after dinner most nights anyway)

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NB - How i eat/not eat/purge is my choice. How I avoid chocolate is what i need help with!

Answer on How can I not eat chocolate at a chocolate themed party?

Will power..