Friday, March 4, 2011

Why would a female like a tall, broad shouldered, bald guy?

I'm 6'3, around 245. I admit that I really don't like being big and bald (started losing hair at age 17, did transplants but ended up with thinning hair in front and none in back, so I shave my head about once a month), but there isn't much I can do to fix any of it....stem cell research won't come up with a cure for baldness for at least a decade, I obviously cannot alter my height, and even extreme weight loss won't change my bone structure.

I'm not trying to fish for compliments....I'm just trying to get a new perspective on things. I admit that I'm really, really depressed to realize that I'm always going to be seen as a big, bald guy, and the fact that it's become fashionable (Vin Diesel, Michael Chiklis) doesn't really comfort me....most of the big bald guys I've seen are sort of oafish and old-fashioned, and I'm really not interested in the kind of girl who needs a man to be big and strong and protect her.

Answer on Why would a female like a tall, broad shouldered, bald guy?

Work with what you have.

Baldness isn't an issue for most women, and you did the right thing by shaving it.

You're tall with a muscular physique. A lot of guys would kill for this. Be grateful you aren't some puny short guy.