Thursday, January 20, 2011

I really hate my moms boyfriend?

Ok,so my mom got divorced with my dad,and now she has found a boyfriend from the Internet I think,and he is a doctor. Her boyfriend is named Aaron,the reasons why I hate that asswhole is because,he won't let me watch tv while I'm eating AND also gives me a limited time of how long I can watch it,because he thinks I would become a "doughhead" aparently he is a doctor I believe,he just tells me to read a book (**** BOOKS) he also thinks the shows I watch on tv are retarded because i watch nickolodeon and he makes me miss out the special episodes. And another reason is he only let's me have Internet for 2 hours a day,WTF. Because I see that he gets to have internet like for the whole day every day. Another one is that he gets to take away something out of my room when I miss behave like tv,iPod,computer,EVERYTHING,and I'm only 13. And yes,I tried talking to my mom but she dosnt care,she just agrees with him. And he makes me soooooooo maaad. I just want to leave them and get out of town,and maybe move in with my dad,but he lives in Italy ,please somebody,I wanna figure out a way how I can make my mom break up with him or something,I really want him to JUST DIE IN HELL. Please somebody HELP!!!!!!

Answer on I really hate my moms boyfriend?

OK, well since I have the perspective of someone on the outside, it's easy for me to see the points on both sides.
Your moms boyfriend makes some valid points about some potentially bad habits like eating meals in front of the TV.
There was a time when mealtime was not just for eating food, but a time when the family would gather at the table and have a bonding experience by sharing conversation, and the events of their daily lives.
When you eat in front of the TV, you are robbed of that experience, and maybe your mom's boyfriend understands the value of this, and wants you to realize that it is better than TV at anytime, if it is done right.

However, it isn't fair for him to expect to just walk in to YOUR family, and just start imposing HIS ideals on you. He needs to present his ideas to you in a fair and tactfull manner.
I agree with you on your point that he is going at this in all the wrong ways, but I think his intentions are good.
Perhaps if you looked at your situation with him with the idea that he means well, it would help you to deal with him better.