Saturday, November 13, 2010

Would you go traveling to Italy with a 6 month old?

My cousin just emailed me that she is going to Italy with her husband and 6 month old baby for a week vacation. We told her she's nuts. But she doesn't understand the concept of relaxing and obviously is unaware of the logistics of traveling with a baby.

Answer on Would you go traveling to Italy with a 6 month old?

I think it's a HUGE undertaking....why?

1. Long escape from a crying baby especially if the baby is having problems equalizing pressures because of the altitude.
2. Jet lag and not being able to sleep the way you will want because you will be tending to a baby.
3. There will be more of a focus on the baby's needs than being able to enjoy the surroundings....nap times, diaper changes, etc.
4. Italy should be romantic and adventurous....kind of hard to do when you have a baby present.

If they can afford it they might want to take someone with to watch the baby otherwise wait until the baby is older and have a relative help out stateside.