Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Would it be too late to join a swim team?

I'm a 12 year old girl desperately trying to lose weight and I am a really bad swimmer but the thing is, when I ask about weight loss on here everyone tells me swimming is good but I'm afraid that if i joined a swim team they wouldn't accept me since I am so old and have so little experience.

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Answer on Would it be too late to join a swim team?

Never to old dear! Don't let anyone tell different to you.

I love swimmers for I did it some years ago and did pretty well too - started also very late in school

Just keep practicing, and when others want to tell you something like you will never make it or you are not good enough, just keep your head up and train, that is where the technique and ability lie in, train and train more, and then some more again.

I usually did 5am - 7am, went to school, 14H00 to 18h00 again, and then some gym and running in between. Just keep going and don't loose hope - you are at perfect age.