Friday, October 15, 2010

Does anyone else have a dog with a food/protein intolerance or allergy?

My dog has a sensitivy to chicken, and needs to fed a limited ingredient diet of eaither Duck, Lamb or Fish. Has anyone else had a similiar issue? If so, please let me know which source of protein worked best. I am currently feeding her California Natural Lamb and Rice, and is still having loose stools. I was considering Wellness simple solutions duck and rice. Im not sure which is best, or if i should just give the California natural a few more days to start working?

Answer on Does anyone else have a dog with a food/protein intolerance or allergy?

i have a dog with severe allergies confirmed by testing to various animal proteins, chicken being one of them (she was allergic to raw chicken, raw meat in general when tried on a raw food diet for six months) ... lamb is also found to be more and more allergenic, it used to be a unique protein source and really is not anymore ... if it were me i would put the dog on a fish-based diet ... and starting a new diet, it can take up to four months to see if there is improvement and the dog should be given not one single treat or anything but the food otherwise you will never know what the allergy truly is ... wellness is a good one ... a limited ingredient diet is the best ... less to be allergic too ... nature's balance makes a limited ingredient diet with sweet potato and salmon ... it comes in kibble, canned and treats ... and it is grain free which is also great for allergic dogs ... since putting my dog on the nature's balance she is off all allergy medication and she lived for 10 years on prednisone and antihistamines just to be comfortable ... be sure to not give the dog things like pigs ears or processed dog treats ... good luck ...