Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you have nothing to lose..?

are you capable of anything?

Many are familiar with this phrase. However do you really understand the full meaning of it?

Nothing good comes from it.

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Answer on If you have nothing to lose..?

There are two sides to this, sometimes those with this attitude, are great at fresh starts thereby eliminating fear. We need to see that we can Champion something! In health matters, especially, also in all matters. Defeat is the worst feeling we can have. We can stay in a defeated state too long, so I am all for being a Champ for something.

On the flip side, it can be a devastating reality depending on the revenue within the Heart. When I am low, I turn to God, and He always lifts me out of the ashes. His love, is merciful and His strength abundant. When we recognize how insignificant we are, turning to Him, He causes us to have hope, and we are risen again. That is one good thing, being flat out on your back with nothing, sometimes leads you to everything. For me it is God! Believe comes before Know!
I wish myself all the best all the time! It seems to give me a bright outlook! Not conceited, just refreshing!