Thursday, June 3, 2010

Any ideas for a fitness plan?

I am going to Italy for the summer, 5 weeks, and I will be eating like a pig just like last year.
I am 5'9 and i have skinny hands and a chubby stomach, and massive thighs compared to My hands. So my body proportion is kind of weird, i am 16.
And I would like to do some things to loose some weight and put some muscles on.
Im planning on jogging every Morning, and to my disposal I will have swimming pool 24/7, no weights or any gym accessories, so I need some tips on how to loose weight and get some muscles in the stomach area, improve my thighs, and put muscles on overall, in about 5 weeks,
Any ideas?

Answer on Any ideas for a fitness plan?

You can make progress in five weeks! I don't know how much muscle you can build, but jogging, resistance- which can be done with resistance bands (they're cheap) or just aerobics (floor aerobics- using your own body weight to tone yourself up). These are the things you should be doing. A swimming pool will help a lot if you can do that every morning, but protect your ears you don't want swimmers ear. Squats will improve your thighs, but make sure you are doing them properly. You need your weight back on your heels and you can put your hands on your hips for balance or out in front of you. Look up the proper way to do exercises like these just in case. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Need to gain weight plz?

btw i am veryy choosy and not a foodie too...!plus i have to manage to get, cook or eat stuf on my own for my diet plz suggest some easy to make things ! and my appetite is such tht it doesnt gain weight i am out of no point of workout..jus diet !thank u

Answer on Need to gain weight plz?

I'm guessing you want to gain weight, as in muscle mass, so don't eat a ton of carbs, that will just make you fat. If you are always hungry, that will just make matters worse. My boyfriend is a hard gainer too, so he went "GOMAD" -- Gallon of Milk a Day. It's easy, just drink a large glass of milk with your meals and as a snack. Without knowing what you normally eat, it's hard to recommend anything else, but eat more protein too. A rule of thumb I learned from a doctor and former body builder is try to eat 200 grams of protein a day and less than 200 grams of carbs. I know money is an issue, but try to do something when you can, push-ups, sit ups, squats-- those are all free.

Hope this helps, good luck!