Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blackberry - bbm help!?

right i have got a blackberry curve for christmas and my bbm isnt working nor or my apps such as facebook and twitter

i read somewhere that you need a blackberry plan or something
can anyone help me? what is it? where can i get it? and how can i fix this?

Answer on Blackberry - bbm help!?

call up ur mobile service they will help but u do need a plan

Clothes Help Ladies?

Okay, i am a guy and i need help on my style. I wear preppy clothes now such as american eagle, hollister ect. But i also like another look with like boot cut jeans that are tighter but not skin tight above the knee then kind flair out. And i have a shag now but im thinking of cutting it like drake bell. If you have any fashion ideas for me that girls will like . Also if you could help me pick a hairstyle but with pics if you have any. Thanks.

Answer on Clothes Help Ladies?

Be a little crazy and try something newl like this :…

Theres some jeans. They would look great with the shirt untucked. More fashionable.

As for a shirt... these jeans would look good with something like this:…

and hmm....

some sweet skate shoes would be hott.
- black ones.

... and go for the haircut.