Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy are His chosen.?

see My avatar or picture and Jehovah's are right only a select few did go to heaven. Cause as My now departed one-armed grandfather would attest to IT was the funeral of My father who died when E(HE) was V(=5). So truth is those hoping to go to heaven can't physically but in memory My memory they could understand it more.

and if GOD JEHOVAH sums to E or 5 then in truth GOD JEHOVAH is second in heaven. And GOD MOST HIGH who sums to H or 8 as DOES GOD sum to H we see who H is?

that is the GOD who was first in heaven and hell. And He can only be proved over tiMe so check calendar MARCH APRIL MAY for the God who sums to H's description.

It appears to be Me.

QUEEN whe read between the lines shows O \ U [iL [iL IV(stitched together)

and God is said to be NO. O1 ain't He?

they want to recruit more member's cause their God is trying to overthrow GOD MOST HIGH.

Just as Satan who I freely give italia wants to over throw GOD MOST HIGH. It was said Satan wanted a KINGDOM of his own. I Give HIM italia and a separate alphabet from the rest of My people just to shut up Satan's incessant whinning. Cause they told Me Satan was the angel in charge of the abyss of angels. In fact the 1/3 angels that followed Satan in rebellion against the God of Heaven were the italian angels. they are called hells angels cause hell is said to be below and heaven above. So see italy is below and Germany is above. So if hell wins then possibly God might die in WAR.

write that out in times new roman font: WAR

see name /ARi and TaD pronounced LARRY TODD embedded in WAR.

and anyone that knows HIM will say like in goodfellas italians put people in ovens too whearas God refuses to kill.

perhaps this is WORLD WAR THREE potential novel if it wasn't all true.

God is 1 and pure and true. those who have read My writtings know i beleive those all kind of describe Me.

But obviously according to scripture true God comes to earth and those close to Him don't beleive. but others Do and this God who is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and His supporters do win and rule for all time.

A KING of KINGS in times new roman font is IT I IV CUT.
A LORD of LORDS is in times new roman font a ToDDS.

cause if LORD is LORD the SON within Him is also a LORD and thats the name TODD.

So funny thing is i was always pretty quiet until threatened. Then I said show Me a sign. And then 9.11 happened. So a'bad'don went to war against a'b'add'on? And both wanted to kill themselves if both minds were locked in a mind war. Cause bible said i couldn't mistreat or afflict an orphan so a'bad'don tries to say He is above the bible. And a'b'add'on saw a movie that said He could'nt hurt a MADE. So a tye.

problem is I AM is only ONE whereas a'bad'don is Many.
what are you more afraid of?

BIBLE and alphabet.

dons opinion

abcde... is His a b

Gods opinion is

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is

a .Id cild e(arm) nit i 9 I7 i u I i kim nop qrst uv wilLy z

where I AM the cild(sealed) arm born 9.I7 and kim who was qrst uv wxy(wilLy) was the object of My intentions. in fact the man after wilLy i got into a fight with. In fact I have CuT nucils that in times new roman font reading between the lines give Me the look of Gods. But i could of had her. but like the first woman who offered Me a B J i said no. MAINLY cause i had unprotected SEX earlier and if ...ghijklm says I Am her I(one) they i should try to be honourable. But know after fighting her boyfreind she don't want to see ME. What should i do?

Answer on Happy are His chosen.?

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