Saturday, September 25, 2010

Does this girl like me?

ok, i met this girl in FACEBOOK n we became online frnz.
now i also have her mobile no. n we chat everyday through messages.Both of us look great n hav good personalities. i mean we can make a good couple.
i often flirt with her and everytime she laughs at it n diverts d topic.

example- last nit i messaged her- "hey' pls learn to cook somethin interesting coz aftr becomin my GF, u ll hav 2 do that frequently"

n she replied-"hehehe :-), so wat r u doin?"

everytime i flirt with her, i almost d same response.
so do u think she likes me?

pls post honest answers.
thanx in advance

Answer on Does this girl like me?

Dude idk u can try flirting with her some more just not like after u become my gf... Cause that's implying that she will and no chick likes that haha just be like your beautiful and stuff like that NEVER SAY SEXY tho bad idea haha