Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smoothies? Recipes for healthy kinds?

Are smoothies a good way to fight off the craving of sweets? What are some healthy recipes for smoothies that are low in calories and low in sugar? What are the benefits of drinking smoothies and how often should an person drink one? I really want to incorporate this into my diet. thanks. Also, which fruits are better to use as far as having less sugar goes?

Answer on Smoothies? Recipes for healthy kinds?

Smoothies r definitely sumthing that I add 2 my diet that crave my wants for sweets but are not fattening. As far as a recipe I blend ice, yogurt(usually vanilla flavored) some sort of juice of your choosing like mango juice or apple juice and then a few fruits. My personal favorite is strawberrys and bananas. How much of each ingredient u want 2 put in the smoothie depends on how u like it. For example, if u like it very thick then u should add more ice or less ice 2 make it more liquidy