Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Room decorating ideas?? How can i make it less babyish?? Plz help!?

(for the record im 10) How can i make my room less babyish? Ive been redecorating and took some baby stuff out, but it still looks boring and babyish. When my friends come over i dont want them to see baby rooms!! Okay in my room for babyish stuff i have this wooden shelf like thing with red blue and yellow plastic boxes on them with dolls and barbies (dont play with those anymore) Also i have this thing from preschool, its a wooden kinda like play kitchen things with cabinets. I have a elmo chair that folds into a couch (pretty cool but small and elmo) -_- I put a blanket over the elmo chair because i needed another chair:P What could i replace for those?? Maybe fun and cool stuff?? Also this might help.... i love basketball, justin bieber(nohate) peace, drawing, and quotes like dream big and stuff like that. Any ideas?? Please help!! Thanks!!

Answer on Room decorating ideas?? How can i make it less babyish?? Plz help!?

Find like wall decorations and stuff like that. Put up posters of basketball and big dream athletes and justin bieber. that stuff will help. If u like the color of ur room, cool. Find fun colors that match it. If not, see if u can make the deal with ur parents that u will want to keep the colors you choose for a very long time (at least till college) if u can paint your room with their help. This is a good summer project. Sounds like u have lots of space if all that stuff fits in there. Try moving stuff around. There's nothing wrong with the stuff from preschool. If u don't want it to be a main focus, put it in a corner where it's still usable but not the first thing you see. With a lot of space, u can work wonders. Use the play kitchen cabinets to display awards and prizes and pictures of things that are important to you. Add pictures of friends if u wanna. Have fun with it. Dont worry bout it being "childish". You're ten, a child!