Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do all high school cheerleaders...?

only date athletes/football players or do they also date regular high school guys? I am a senior in high school, 5'8'', I work out but i do not have much muscle except a little in my arms when i flex, i know people who are popular, i like basketball as a sport but for fun, i like "guy music" (nickelback, green day, led zeppelin) and "girl music" like katy perry, kesha, and lady gaga. thanks :)

Answer on Do all high school cheerleaders...?

I am an ex NFL cheerleader. Now It's been a while since I've been in school.......But not much changes in the dating world after High School. In reference to Tom, As much as I hate to admit it......Confidence is something that has always won me over. It's very important to always keep in shape, but it's not everything! Athletes/Football players will have the edge in H.S. but only to the one's who feel like they need to compete with them. A carefree attitude is mysterious and very sexy! Take care of your body, work out, have goals, never follow anyone, but be good to everyone around you and do not worry about the small sh*t!