Saturday, March 6, 2010

My daughter takes my stuff without asking?

I love her but my Lord it is driving me nuts. I cant stay on top of it. Jewelry missing. Make up brushes. Make up. Hair clips. Clothing. Shoes. Socks. Hair products. Hair brushes. Gloves. Coats. Scarves. OMG...even my underwear! Anything that has to do with her appearance. I have tried to fully stock her with her own items but they end up scattered all over her room. Tops to products lost and dried out. Clothing tossed around her room or ripped from taking off clothing without care. Items spilled over. Cute things I buy her dropped around the house. I pick them up and here we go again. She is almost a legal adult and instead of getting better she is getting worse. It is so unnerving to go to put on my make up and find my brush that I put my eye shadow on with...Gone. Or my mascara...gone. My antiperspirant....gone. That pair of earrings that go with that one shirt...gone. It goes on and on almost every single day. Then with some balking from me that this item is gone it will suddenly reappear. I never know what I will go without for the day. She doesnt take care of anything, losses hers so tucks in to use mine then doesnt take care of mine either. She gained weight, ripped all of her pants and then stole mine...ripped those too because they werent her size and then threw them away. I am sooooooooo frustrated that she doesnt care enough about me to know this really throws me off. I cared enough about her to make sure she was fully stocked but she doesnt care enough for herself either to take care of what she has. It has gotten to the point that I dont want to get dressed up and take care of me any more because it just never goes smoothly anymore for me. Do you have kids who do this to you? Do you do this to your mom? Do you have solutions? Possibly words of wisdom to make it less hurtful and stressful?

Answer on My daughter takes my stuff without asking?

She takes them, because she knows there are no repercussions. Start disciplining her, and she'll probably stop.