Monday, March 15, 2010

How is this diet/exercise plan?

I want to start a diet/exercise plan soon. As far as exercise goes, I am purchasing the P90X sometime this I think this will defintely cover all the bases there. For diet, I'm throwing around some ideas...
Fruit smoothie made with freshly frozen fruit and organic apple juice
Egg white omelette
Wheat toast with natural peanut butter
Carrots and celery dipped in hummus OR
Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow cheese
Turkey sandwich
Fiber One bar
Cucumbers with fat free ranch dip OR
Grapes and cheese cubes
Salmon or chicken
Green beans or corn
Whole wheat noodles or brown rice
Frozen yogurt with strawberry slices

I will drink water and 2 cups of coffee a day (I need my coffee!) :)

So what do you think? What changes would you make?

Answer on How is this diet/exercise plan?

P90X comes with a meal plan, so you may as well wait and just use the one they reccommend. just a warning though, P90X is VERY DIFFICULT, requires insane commitment and is very expensive, the cost of the food alone could break you. just sayin, make sure you are 100% committed before shelling out the money!