Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okie here's the thing guys...i'm on twitter & so are all my friends .... we all are jonas brothers fans, & i extremelyyyyyyy love joe jonas... i am always trying to get noticed my him on twitter ... i deserve it... last night he had a live chat & it was @ 4:am in the morning according to where i live & i did'nt sleep all night to catch it! all my friends missed it ..but i saw it! .... he replied to all my friends but not me! i've seen his replies! & sooo just to fit in i lied to them... i feel guilty... should i tell them?? they already know that something's wrong! i feel like mitchie torres right now i swear!..... I JUST DID THAT TO FIT IN .... :( NOW WHAT?

Answer on WHAT SHOULD I DO! :'(?

i really hope youre joking, because this is so stupid to be depressed over. im sorry