Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am 13 i have a pretty face but my body needs work i need to loose 80lbs. by december help?

Everyone tells me how Beautiful i am i now how to model and everyone says if i could just loose the weight i could model i am willing to do exersise but maybe some diet pill or something to help jump start my weight loss would help and i do not have accses to a gym

Answer on I am 13 i have a pretty face but my body needs work i need to loose 80lbs. by december help?

80 Lbs. in 5 months is impractical. It's impossible to lose that much weight in that short of time in a healthy manner. Don't take diet pills. You're way too young and they aren't healthy. Stick to a very healthy diet that conforms to the food pyramid and eat more small meals instead of less bigger meals. Also, exercise 30 minutes to an hour daily. If you burn 500 calories a day, you should lose a lb a week which means you could probably lose 30 - 35 lbs by December if you're very disciplined.

If you're 13 and need to lose an entire 80 lbs then you should be exercising and eating right anyway simply to be healthy, not to model or be prettier.

The main thing you need to remember is that whatever changes you make to your routine will have to be lifelong changes. You can't lose weight and go back to your old ways, or you will just regain the weight.

Also, you don't need access to a gym. I've found my favorite exercise method is playing Dance Dance Revolution. It has a workout mode that calculates all the calories you burn while you have fun dancing. Wii fit is also pretty cool. But if you don't have any access to those either, just go for walks/jogs or create a set amount push - ups, sit - ups jumping jacks, etc and do them 2 - 3 times daily. Buying weights is also helpful. You will gain weight from developing muscle at first, but muscle burns fat.


Look, Sweetie, don't be stubborn okay? Whatever you see on TV is there for a reason. MONEY. Everything from diet pills, to miracle weight loss, to exercise machines and special dieting plans are ALL RIP - OFFS! The weight - loss market is HUGE simply for the fact that people like you are desperate to lose weight and are willing to pay a lot of money for it. A lot of the plans are specifically designed to fail so that people will spend more money. Even Jillian Michaels charges money. Don't let people pull the wool over your eyes so easily.

So, I will say it again: 80 lbs. in 5 months IS NOT POSSIBLE if done in a healthy manner. Exercise and eating right is the best advice you will ever get.