Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why do you hate Justin Bieber?

C’MON you guys, what did Justin do to you? Is he planning to kill you or something? No! But why you are planning this whole thing about disliking his video in youtube? You are going too far, haters. Your hate is not accepted. I wonder why you do such things only to Justin Bieber, but not to other people. Why would you spend your valuable time sitting in front of your computer, clicking on the dislike button like crazy, thinking about hate comments that you should post? You are not going to do that if you don’t love Justin. His songs probably not your style and yes, he keeps repeating lyrics. But you don’t have to go this far to show your hate. I’m not forcing you to like Justin Bieber, but at least stop hating him. We all know that at the end of the world, there will be people who still hate on Justin Bieber. Just admit it haters, you are jealous.

Justin is just another regular teenager trying to live this crazy life. He works so hard for us, his fans. Fame means nothing to him, he is scared of fame, I tell you. He is only a kid who has million of dreams. He is just like you. His songs inspire us, Beliebers. Some people who hated him are now a fan of him. I used to be one of his haters, but not anymore. I gotta admit that he has changed me into a better person.

Justin Bieber is gay? He has a girlfriend now. He's talentless? Usher & Justin Timberlake fought over him. He doesn't love his fans? He did a concert when he was sick. He doesn't care about what's happening in the world right now? He donated $1,000,000 to Japan, made a song called pray, and is currently donating $1 for EACH ticket sold on his my world tour.

Answer on Why do you hate Justin Bieber?

People just want someone to hate, it's weird that they're choosing a kid though. I'm not a fan, his music isn't my taste, but it's for the younger generation and that's okay, it's harmless fun. At his age, he can't be expected to have fully developed his own musical style, he'll find it later.

There are far worse things in the world to worry about than Justin Bieber, a lot more evil around to direct hate at. He probably has more maturity than the haters.