Sunday, September 20, 2009

A natuarally short, curvy 14 year old.... how to loose waight and tone a bit?

ok so all my lfe ive been short and the last few years ive been naturally curvatious, I have hips and large breasts/c cup :/ . Ive constantly tried new diets and im not very commited to working out. there was one diet i did which sort of worked but it had no interest and i still had the bump under my belly button which gets on my nerves. you may know it the dukan diet. i dont want to be a stick i still want curves i just want a flat stomach which i havnt had since i was a kid and toned arm and legs. i know i need to loose weight and then tone but its the loosing weight im bad at. im 4 ft 9 and i weigh 8 stone 4 pounds and i spend about 2 hour walking to and from school but i havnt lost any weight from the :( what has worked for you and how long dd it take ??? please help i want to loose weight whilst im still young...???
thnks alice xx

Answer on A natuarally short,curvy 14 year old.... how to loose waight and tone a bit?

Eat 5 small meals a day. I am not kidding. it is just the right foods. See your counselor at school for the dietitian. If not they can help you talk to your doctor. You want to rule out any health issues if your not losing weight or your gaining it so on after a major change in diet or exercise.
No need to diet at 14. Just to eat healthy or you will be very fat as a adult because diets screw up your body. I know I have been anorexic growing up. And i sure do understand body image. and now with my medical back ground as a Doula(birthing) I know what I did to my body.