Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 Points To Best Answer ASAP Does this sound like she likes me or is she trying to avoid me?

So the girl I like named Anne texts me that her one friend Julie saw me on her facebook page and wanted to text me. So she gave my number to her anyways and just asked if it was alright. I didn't want to sound mean, so I said "sure I guess". So then Julie texts me for about an hour until she offends me and she completely backs off lol.
When I ask the girl I like why she wanted to text me, she just says "she thinks your cute lol" So I say "oh" and she says "indeed". The question that offended me was that she wanted me to send her a picture of myself. This occurred two days ago and sense then, I haven't heard a word from the friend (Julie). The girl I like (Anne) I saw yesterday and she was on the phone walking by me... but she still waved, smiled, and said "hey *my name*"

I'm wondering if Anne had her friend Julie text me to see just how interested I am in her (Anne). Maybe to see if I would text another girl the same way by showing interest or not. Also, the friend, Julie, is only 17 and I've never seen or met her before.

Another thing I should mention is Anne's BEST FRIEND Alish friended me on Facebook about three weeks ago. Is that a coincidence too... cause I've never met, or seen this girl before either. She's still in high school too and doesn't like me.

We are of college age ;)

But the girl I like still communicates with me.

I'm just confused cause the girl I like, Anne, seemed to show signs of interest when I am with her in person... like she smiles a lot, asks me questions back, sometimes plays/tosses her hair, and her body faces men. She also texted me stuff like "it was fun talking to you ;)" and "so I def jus saw u ;)" after I had just said 'hi' to her.

I should also note that I asked her out and she seemed very happy and excited, but she had to ask her parents for permission since she lives at home (commuter). Then she got back to me that she couldn't go... she explain in detail why and I believe her... it sounds very legit. Cause of the excuse had occurred another time when we tried to just hang out after classes once.


Answer on 10 Points To Best Answer ASAP Does this sound like she likes me or is she trying to avoid me?

yea man, that sounds like she is telling the truth, i would definetly try once more with another date? maybe closer to home? like if she lives miles away, dont ask her to travel that far... well sort something out :) and i wouldnt care about what her friends do.. focus on the girl you like :)
things have a way of working themselves out :)