Friday, February 13, 2009

Is my friend lying to me?

its still about the same boy (quike recap) ( decameber2008 we went out for 2 weeks he dumped me for a really pethatic reson that he wasnt over his ex, in may 09 we went out and kissed then we got in a little group and we stared plain 21 dares me and him always used 2 get dared to kiss he said thingz 2 me he likes me but his scared im gonna tell people etc.... that happen till december 09 in december 09 he said 2 me i really like u and i want 2 be with u but im goin on holidays and will be bak in january when i get back i will get with you, he went to italy and we spoke on msn he said he misses me loves me he relised that im the best thing in his life.... his come back and now its all gone away before he left he always lied to our mates e.g on the last day before he went he walked me up to my house and we kissed he went back and said he walked me half way and he just went off and didnt do nothing, the his cousin said that jay said i make him sik and when i asked he said no then when im not out he says he will never kiss me again but then the next day he does.) and he says to our mate yesturday i really like her but i have resons and i dont want to be with her... but then i kept pushing him away and he grabed me and huged me and wouldnt let me go no matter what i did and tried kissing me but i moved.....then my friend ana said ok lets get him back ( she gets with him and uses him but i think she just wants to be with him because she is really intresed in what me and him do when she isnt there and i said 2 her no and she insested just 2 weeks and today i said go on cam when jay comes to yours with his mates and she said no cuz mabey we will kiss !! :@

oh my god some please help me i dont know what to do? what shell i say, do with her and him im so confused! :-S

Answer on Is my friend lying to me?

OMG. You are so immature, you need to go through major growing up, and then you will realize how dumb you sound. Why are you obsessing over a little boy? Why beg him? Why give him that attention he badly wants? The more you are there he will think he is a bad a**. Both of you are playing games. Enjoy it I guess its a baby thing.

Oh and to answer your question, a male that wants to hide the relationship odviously has something to hid, maybe he is gay? Dont let him use you.