Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My iPhone keeps crashing :s help!?

I have deleted a couple of un needed app and a couple of un needed notes, and it hasn't done it again yet.
But everytime I went onto an app - usually twitter, or safari (because I'm on them the most) it just cuts off. Usually, annoyingly mid-setence. It's so frustrating!
Like I said it hasn't happened again tonight since I deleted some stuff.

But is there anything I could do to pervent it again in the future? "/

Help please. It could still happen, I'm waiting for it to cut out, right one. Thank you!

Answer on My iPhone keeps crashing :s help!?

It is usually an app that has installed incorrectly or has a bug. Most times it is the last one you installed before it started so I would say un install it. But as you say it has stopped I would just wait and see as you may have removed the culprit already.