Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Six Pack / Fitness / Lifestyle Questions?

Hey thanks for taking the time to read this! Over the winter I've put a great deal of time into fitness and trying to keep in shape, but I've got to a point now where I feel like I'm back tracking and losing my motivation.…
There's a picture I took last week. I am having trouble really defining my core, and I feel like I'm "stuck" at this point. I feel that diet is probably my biggest problem, and I'm having trouble knowing what to eat when I'm hungry for a snack, etc, and what times to eat and not to eat. As well, I have not been putting as much effort into cardio as much as I'd like, even though there should be balance. I have a heavy bag in my room and a jumprope, and I've been trying to find a good boxing cardio video online, but I'm having no such luck. I'd really appreciate any tips as to diet, cardio workouts I can do at home that aren't "boring", and any way that I can keep myself motivated.
As well, do you think that if I really put a lot of effort into it that I could see more dramatic results in five to six weeks? Thanks so so much ahead of time!

Answer on Six Pack / Fitness / Lifestyle Questions?

Given that you are skinny you probably don't need that much cardio. As far as dieting goes, you are right, it has to be on point if you want a six pack. You have to do some research

Here is a sample of some basic tips…

Also, eat complex carbohydrates. Eat every 2, maybe three hours. Keep your portions small

I eat about 7-8 meals a day (5-6 is usual. but I get more nutrients this way).

It is all about structure and commitment. If you don't plan you will fail.