Thursday, November 5, 2009

Help with myspace? not woking says server not found?

The day before yesterday everything worked, I have not changed anything on my computer and now when I try to go to myspace it does'nt work. I have asked this question 2 times already. Why is that when I go to myspace it only shows words, no pictures background or anything? When I log in again just shows words with a white background. I use mozilla firefox by the way. I have updated everything and it still says server not found and it comes up with this address I noticed at the bottom left side of the screen where it has the site your connecting to it says I need help!! please help if you can. I have tried a lot of things. Oh and when I go to tools up top there is no clear private data, just clear history. people have suggested that.This is what it looks like when going to

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Answer on Help with myspace? not woking says server not found?

Myspace has been having issues for the past 2 days.
My page looks exactly like yours.
F5 does nothing at all...

It appears to be an outage.
There is NO tech support so don't even try.
Myspace has posted no messages about this issue as well.
It is like they have dumped all their users in the dark and don't care.
In my opinion myspace is going downhill fast if this is how they treat their users!!

I am surprised that it has been down for so long without more information being available.
But it is THEM and not you.
Wait it out and hope they get is fixed.