Thursday, August 27, 2009

Has science gradually become mistaken for the sole criteria for the concept of existence & ultimate reality?

Originally science was viewed as a method for evaluating particular types of questions and for creating a body of knowledge which could be formulated and evaluated using a relatively well understand and generally agreed upon scientific method. (And obviously, that's been a wonderful development for the human race.)

But originally, it was not assumed that scientific questions were the only ones which were meaningful or which had significant value for determining what was "real" or for determining what merited belief.

Has science taken on an importance that has inordinately strayed beyond its original boundaries such that many are making the mistake of assuming that questions which cannot be tackled by science alone are questions unworthy of consideration? Or do you think this is simply a mischaracterization of modern philosophical trends and, in fact, when this APPEARS to be the case, it is only because most people only care about questions which CAN be addressed by science because all the others are simply irrelevant and/or unimportant?

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And while we're at it, is the philosophy behind The Drake Equation and the SETI project an example of how most people have become confused about what constitutes the "boundaries" of science and what is simply another faith-system that relies upon respected authorities who deliver "doctrine" to the masses? Yes or no? And why?

Answer on Has science gradually become mistaken for the sole criteria for the concept of existence & ultimate reality?

Well, it happens. When you devise a system/craft that would help you achieve something, it goes well for maybe a couple of hundred years. But then, not every person is as fine as the finest practitioner of that craft. When less finer people supporting the system discover that they can actually get away with something "not good" through that system, you can count on the fact that they will always take that road. And that is the time when we lose control of the craft/system and the system/craft takes control over us.
It happened to a lot of systems before.., religion, magic, philosophy, law.. it will just be a matter of time.. Or is it already?