Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving to Glasgow, Advice Opinions on Areas of the City?

Hello All,

I am moving from italy to Glasgow in the next several months. Hoping to get some local insights on which neighborhoods..... streets I should be concentrating on. I would appreciate some serious opinions so as to help narrow my search. I do realise that this is a rather generic question and maybe somewhat difficult to answer since you do not know me personally. I am a single woman (no children) in my 30's - italian citizen but raised in new york. I am looking for an area that offers shops, pubs/restaurants, galleries etc. all within walking distance. if I can compare with nyc would be more like the downtown areas of Soho and The Village- and less like the Upper West/East Sides. Both in nyc and roma I am used to walking/mass transportation - so an area that doesn't immediately require a car is a plus.

Was planning on checking on line websites to find a flat - do you have any to recommend?


Answer on Moving to Glasgow, Advice Opinions on Areas of the City?

Well if you want somewhere close to shops, restuarants, galleries etc then you need to concentrate on Glasgows West End.

Some west end properties -…

You could also think about places in the city centre.…

Avoid east of Glasgow!

South side is more suburbia with mostly family houses.

Heres a list of suitable websites...