Monday, June 1, 2009

Is this guy interested, what should I do? HELP!?

so i was on facebook last night & this kid was IM'ing me. i dont actually know the kid, but he went to my old school & randomly added me. he told me that his friend thought i was really pretty & that i should add him & so we could start talking. i also know his friend from around my old school,but i've never talked & i never had classes with him or anything. so i added him,& he accepted it & then started IM'ing me. this was our conversation:
him: hello
me: hii, (:
him:so i hear my friend talked to you? hahaha
me: yeahh he did, he told me to add you, haha.
him: i'm sorry, hes been f***king with me alot,
me: lol dont be sorry, its fine. (:
him: ok ok, so do i know you from somewhere?
me: uhm, i dont really know. haha i went to western my freshman and sophmore year.
him: OHH. thats where haha
me: ha, yeahh. (:
then he didnt say anything. i dont know what to do,cause i was kinda excited to start talking to him. hes kinda cute & i'm trying to meet other guys to move on from my ex. but if he really wanted to talk to me,i feel like he wouldve tried to make a longer conversation. what should i do?

Answer on Is this guy interested, what should I do? HELP!?

Ask him about something from when you were both at western.