Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recipes for warm foods that are low fat?

im on a diet and im not eating bread, meat(except for chicken),desserts, junk food,all drinks(except water). so basically what i can eat is chicken, wheat, veggies and fruits.

i want something good,with lots of flavor. i also want something warm because when it gets cold,warm food tastes better. any recipes with veggies or fruits?

Answer on Recipes for warm foods that are low fat?

A baked apple filled with raisins and sprinkled with cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar or drizzled with honey. Chicken soup (homemade) filled with good veggies. You can also add diced tomato to the chicken broth and veggies to give it a Mexican flavor. Add cumin and a bit of hot pepper or chilies to give it a bit of zing. It is also said that spicy ingredients help with weight loss and help satisfy the appetite.