Friday, May 8, 2009

England or Italy to study abroad?

I'm a currently junior and I want to study a whole semester. I'm also an english major, so what I actually take doesn't really matter. I just want to have fun, and see sights, and party! I love to travel, and I have family in Germany.

Where would I get the most out of my European experience?

PS - I know very little Italian!

Answer on England or Italy to study abroad?

Italy! Unless you're really concerned about the quality of University, go to Italy (and just by going to England does not necessarily mean the school will be better). England is nice for a few days, but that's about it. You'll get so much more out of Italy! The culture is more different, so you'll learn more. The people are kind and understanding, as long as you're patient with them, so don't worry about not knowing the language. And you do pick it up quick when you're immersed in it. The food is amazing. The sights are gorgeous! Honestly, unless you're concerned about your ability to adapt to another culture, there are very few reasons that I would recommend England over Italy.