Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miley, Demi, Britney, and more:Is the pressure on female disney starlets to be innocent helpful?

We all know that teen disney starlets are expected to bee 'good role models' because of their young fan base. People say things like "it's their responsibility. They chose Disney, they should have known," or "that's the price of fame."

But why does a teenage girl or a young woman have to dress conservatively, have a submissive personality, and avoid sexuality like it's a plague in order to be considered a 'good role model'? Being a good role model shouldn't mean acting virginal and innocent all the time. And why is the pressure heavier on the girls than it is on the guys?

Like it or not these young women are sexual beings, so they have the right to express and explore their sexuality. But people just can't accept that fact. All they seem to care about is the company that they work for. Whenever a female disney starlet shows sexuality, society has a moral panic, calls them bad role models, and labels them as 'sluts'- even though there are a lot of stars out there who are racier than them! These girls are basically sexually repressed until they're 20, and their rights, desires, and feelings are totally overlooked. People think that's ok just because the girls are famous and make millions of dollars, but it's not ok. Besides cyberbullying, look at what that stress and pressure leads to:

Christina Aguilera- she wildly rebelled against the repression by getting super sexy and speaking out about the prudish double standards of society.

Britney Spears- she has had a breakdown and some other emotional issues.

Lindsay Lohan- I don't even need to go there, do I?

Hilary Duff: She's fine now, but she got a lot of criticism the first time she made a sexy music video even though she was of age. At one point she had a temporary eating disorder.

Vanessa Hudgens: rebelled by taking nude photos and saying that she didn't really want to be a role model.

Miley Cyrus: Whenever she shows signs of sexuality the public lashed out at her. She is rebelling by expressing her sexuality and with the drug scandal she may end up with some issues.

Demi Lovato: has had a breakdown, has an eating disorder, cuts herself, and is being criticized for taking sexy pictures of her own body.

Selena Gomez: She seems fine FOR NOW but has said that being a role model is very stressful. She really conforms to the stereotype good girl image.

With all of this evidence, does the pressure on these girls to be perfect seem helpful or harmful?

Answer on Miley, Demi, Britney, and more:Is the pressure on female disney starlets to be innocent helpful?

No, it's obviously harmful. I would totally want to rebel or do something crazy if I was in their situation- as a matter of fact, I remember Miley Cyrus saying that she wanted to go crazy in 2010. If that's not a sign of stress and pent up resentment toward her image, I don't know what is. People act like these teens are politicians or something. Until the repression stops, disney stars will keep cracking under the pressure.