Sunday, February 15, 2009

What do you think about Italy? Any opinions?

Answer on What do you think about Italy? Any opinions?

ok, I'm a Vietnamese American, however, I've been interesting about Italian culture for years and right now I'm an active member of my high school's Italian club. I like most of the things about Italy: the cuisine, cars, clothes, soccer team..... there're also some negative that I heard, for example that the Italians are very open and always be ready to express themselves (sometimes in the extreme ways!), they can get angry easily and yelling out loud and care nothing about that, somehow I kinda like it, but not always (I don't like loud people). I have the change to meet and talk to some Italians and I like them, they're nice and unique. Italian language is very interesting. Another reason for me to like Italian stuff is the mafia and the movies about them, haha, to be honest with you, I think they're pretty cool movies. Anyway, I'm looking forward to visit your country some days, I cant wait until then :) Ciao!