Saturday, February 7, 2009

Does anybody else feel like this or agree with me?

I am getting so angry about BSL (breed specific legislation, meaning some breeds are banned because they are "dangerous"). Well, now i saw a Drake and Josh episode which is making rottweilers look vicious and when i looked at the comments on youtube i saw that people were saying how no one should get a dog that vicious. Well that's stupid, i mean rotties can be the sweetest dogs in the world! Now i'm seeing commercials for that new Victorious show (which i've always thought looked stupid) showing a girl being attacked by a rottweiler(which they are supposedly trying to steal), and this is just further adding to BSL with all the good breeds that people are banning and euthanizing! ;( can someone give me their opinions please? Yeah i'm sorry this is so long :)

Answer on Does anybody else feel like this or agree with me?

Prohibition NEVER works.

What people don't understand is that there are often "fad" breeds. 50 or so years ago, APBTs were common family dogs..similar to Labs today. What people also don't understand is that the BSL list gets longer and longer.

Condemning entire breeds because of the stupidity of some is NOT the answer...and it never will be. I'd like to meet whoever came up with the idea of would not end pretty.