Sunday, January 18, 2009

Could my mom get a loan?

I'm planning on getting an operation to remove excess skin after a weight loss, I have a job but no credit. So my mom is gonna try and get the loan, and I will give her the money to pay each month. The cost is $10,500, she has poor credit but has maintained 2 jobs for a long time, one for over 12 years and another for about 5-6. Could she get approved? Also if needed we can get a co-signer with great credit, would she get approved for the loan?

Answer on Could my mom get a loan?

From Money Magazine:
Elective Plastic Surgery is one of the top 10 things in life you should NEVER finance.
For this - you must save the money up front - then pay for the surgery.

Don't make one of the top financial mistakes a person can make - you're better than that...