Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to dress like Ke$ha for a party?

Ok, so I'm going to this party where the theme is Kesha and Lady Gaga, so I'm going as kesha, and I'm buying a blonde wig and contacts, but how should I do my my make-up and what should I wear?

Answer on How to dress like Ke$ha for a party?

Buy little rhinestones and put them near your eye like this -

Make your hair/wig wavy and a little frizzy and kinda all over the place.

Get some really sparkly gray eye shadow and put it all over your eye like this (scroll down to see the pic of kesha)

You could buy a fake nose ring if you wanted:)

For clothes wear ripped fish nets and just get a cool loose shirt (if you have any ed hardy thats loose on you you could wear that) and some shorts over the fish nets. Or if you think you will be too cold with shorts you could wear leggings with leopard print or something