Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 questions PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

1 on is....
where can i find good FREE! sheet music? for guitar like songs by drake bell and stuff??

2 i have to make a big decision on moving to the basement but heres the problem...
the one i have at the moment is big but it is the only one without a walk in closet so if i get the one in the basement (which is a walk out) i would get a walk in closet so it was a no brainer but then i noticed i could see the little and big dipper from my window with the north star and all! so if i move down there i would get a walk in closet but no view and if i stay i will get the view but no closet so what do u guys think??????? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

Answer on 2 questions PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

not sure about #1.
But um if you like the view then go for it?
I don't have a closet in my room, i made one. We hung up a few bars behind my door and it works great. i got creative with it and put shelves around it and everyone thinks it looks all depends on which you'd rather have.